Ceba Baby W-741-700-512 Multifunctional Physio Pillow

Multifunctional physio pillow multi – a relaxation pillow of the ceba baby brand. a multifunctional sleeping and feeding pillow useful for moms. dads. and little babies. the pillow is filled with small ball – styrofoam micro-pearl which is commonly used in rehabilitation pillow. thanks to its properties. the micro-pearl allows the body to take a comfortable position and relieves the spine. physio pillow multi is perfect for last months of pregnancy. breastfeeding the baby. as well as the later sitting learning processo to provide firm support for the baby. measurements: 190 x 35 cm. the product holds the first class oeko-tex standard 100 certificate. product quality has been confirmed by tüv nord poland.
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5 x Multifunctional physio pillow Multi. insert cards with information about products
Oeko – tex standard 100
Comfortable and safe sleep during pregnancy period and childbirth
Perfect support for the Baby during the sitting processo learning

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